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Bitcoin Explained

Bitcoin Explained

Bitcoin Explained is owned and run by David Board, author of Bitcoin, Digital Money Explained eBook.

When I started writing ‘Bitcoin, Digital Money Explained’, I set out with the intention of educating people about Bitcoin, not simply telling people “this is Bitcoin” in a black and white way, but actually explaining why Bitcoin is something everyone should know about and understand.

I decided to create Bitcoin Explained as another platform or tool to help educate people about Bitcoin. Bitcoin is simply a payment method that can be used to purchase goods and services, the same as Fiat currency or credit/debit cards, but in a lot of cases easier, quicker and less expensive to use than Fiat currencies or banking systems. I want people to view Bitcoin as they currently view the plastic in their wallets or purses, just another option to use when making a payment or sending money.

In my book, as well as explaining Bitcoin, I introduce readers to Alt-Coins, which are an alternative Digital Currency to Bitcoin. I explain the differences between Bitcoin and Alt-Coins and also touch upon Alt-Coin/Bitcoin trading which is similar to Foreign Exchange (FX) trading but for Digital Currencies.